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Where you may memorialize your pets by submitting photos and memories.  This is a Special Place for our very special companions and friends.  Please browse our site. Each page has been created with love. Devotion to our companions is our goal. 


Whether you are mourning a pet or just want to brag,  you are welcome. Memorialize your companion.   If  you have lost a pet, we all understand.  As hard as it might be to imagine, you WILL get past the pain. 

The poem I've written below is dedicated to three of my dearest companions.  However, I have companions again.   They are not 'replacements'.  They are wonderful personalities who needed a good and loving home. I love them with my whole heart. 

Enjoy your visit. 


Have you ever "owned" an animal
you really didn't "own"?

The one who made you feel so good
the second you got home?

Playful, warm and full of joy
your pal and sidekick too;

always ready, rarely rude
just happy that you’re you.


 Poem is copyrighted, Alexa Conway©1996 

But then one day your friend is ill,

you’re worried and concerned.

You need to have a place to go...

a "comfort" place to turn.

Only those who love their pets can truly comprehend

we love our pets as children and can’t bear to face this end


So if, someday, your pet must leave

you have to understand;

that those you love will grieve with you

and lend a helping hand.



Our pets are just a loan to us--

we must accept that’s true.

But our best news is that people care

they’ll help to see us through.


A pat, a kiss, a final hug

we know this has to be

and then a sigh, a grateful nod

to eternity pain-free....


Alexa Conway © 1996 
Dedicated to Sadie, Jennifer and Flaps©

Alexa 1996©






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